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1953 Anniversary Edition

17 Year Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished in XXO (Extra Extra Old) Cognac Casks.

Rare Hare '1953' features a 17-year Kentucky Bourbon that was finished in some of the oldest cognac casks from the Naud family's reserve, hand selected by their Master Blender to make this limited inaugural expression. Subtly infused with flavors from Grande Champagne and Fine Champagne grapes, it features mature notes of candied fruit, spice, and hints of rancio.

The Naud family history has seen 5 generations of entrepreneurs crafting spirits in the past century. The art was rediscovered by Jean-Michel Naud in the 80s. The son-in-law of Robert Perrier, Naud was passionate about wine and spirits and a trained oenologist. Together with his son Pierre, they resurrected the distillery to craft cognac and a range of other spirits.

Emile Perriesr founded la Distillerie du Donjon, his first distillery, in 1923, after studying distilling in Bordeaux. In 1936 an ancient grain mill in Pinthiers was converted into a cognac distillery by Emile's son, Jean-Gabriel, taking the name Distillerie Perrier. The distillery had 5 Speichim copper pot stills which continued operation under Jean-Gabriel's son Robert. It wasn't until 1999 that Jean-Michel Naud built the first vodka distillery in the Charente region, crafting premium neutral wheat spirit. Finally, in 2017 Pierre and his son revived the distillery in Pinthiers, firing up its 5 pot stills to craft premium spirits using grapes from the family's expanding vineyards.

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