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We take pride in thoughtfully curating our portfolio of special release spirits with a global focus on sophistication in both experience and taste. Our selection is based on years of practice and skillful artisanship. It is our privilege to share these extraordinary spirits with our close friends, allowing them to savor and share these unique offerings.


Rare Hare "1953" Anniversary Edition is a super-premium, 17-year-old straight bourbon whiskey that pays homage to the year Playboy was founded. Expertly finished in XXO Cognac casks from the Champagne region of France, it boasts a rich and complex flavor profile with notes of candied fruit, spices, and subtle hints of Grande Champagne and Fine Champagne grapes.


Rare Hare Lapine is an extraordinary expression of the finest Cognac Petite Champagne. Crafted using the traditional alembic distillation method and aged in in the same small oak barrels, under wet cellar conditions for over six decades, only 1,900 bottles were produced.


An exceptional Canadian Whiskey imported and aged for 30 years creating a complex, dynamic whisky with worldly characteristics.

Finished in Pineau Des Charentes casks, a delicate regional aperitif of western France, which has recently exploded on the high-end cocktail scene. The complex whiskey with layers of flavors and history is perfectly rounded with the delicate finish of fresh grapes and eau-de-vie from Maritime France.


The fourth Rare Hare release is an extremely rare 20-year-old Tasmanian single malt whisky. With amazingly clean air, sparkling clear water, and excellent local barley, Tasmania is naturally well-endowed for the task of making world class malt whisky. We believe that the uniqueness of a Tasmanian whiskey fits perfectly into our brand architecture and will generate significant buzz in the whisk(e)y world. 

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