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Rare Hare was born from the love of adventure and discovering exceptional spirits. Our team scours the globe in pursuit of the finest barrels for our collection of limited release expressions, endlessly seeking to surprise and delight the palates of discerning whiskey, cognac, and tequila connoisseurs by sharing their stories.


The beauty of a truly exceptional spirit lies not only in flavor, but also its uniqueness and the people dedicated to its craft.

Collaborating with rare goods importers and collectors allows Rare Hare to showcase a variety of spirits that are not only exceptional but one-of-a-kind, reflecting the dedication and skill poured into every bottle of the best whiskeys, cognacs and tequilas we find.

Our love for adventure inspires Rare Hare's innovative blending methods and aging environments to create exquisite expressions, though limited in quantity, that can't be found elsewhere.

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